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WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin


WPML makes it easy to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress installation. Choose languages for your site and start translating content.

WPML is our de facto go-to solution for a multi language website. In our experience with WPML, it works with just about any theme… even on custom made themes.

WPML manages translation on just about any text on the website and it comes with 40 built in languages. You can also custom make languages in the language editor. Bear in mind though, that this plugin does not automatically translate your content, it manages your translations of your content.

WPML - Language switching in dashboard
Switching languages in the dashboard

WPML comes with a suite of plugins:

WPML Multilingual CMS

The core engine that manages your translations.

WPML String Translation Plugin

One of our favorite plugins. It allows us to translate hard-coded PHP text from the theme to be translated. Strings in PHP must be in the standard <?php _e( $text, $domain ) ?> syntax to be translatable. This is a wordpress standard way of printing text from code and all good themes would be using this syntax.

WPML String Translation Plugin
WPML String Translation Plugin

Example of text that are hard-coded could be the “messages” like “Read More” or “No Posts Available”

WPML Translation Management Plugin

Perfect for large websites, this plugin adds a “Translator” user role in the wordpress users tab. Translator users can be assigned translation jobs by site admins. 

WPML - language switcher widget
The language switcher can be placed at any widget area of the website

Front End Language Switcher and Multilingual-text Widget

A compact language switcher can be  placed at any widget area.

There are several other plugins and value-added services (like professional translation) that come with WPML that we do not cover. Translating a complex plugin or theme however, might need some technical knowledge and patience. You can search for a compatible theme or plugin or at look through the documentation section of WPML.


WPML product pricing comes in 3 tiers.

Multilingual Blog
– $29 USD a year ($15 USD yearly renewal)
This is essentially a basic translation control of posts, pages, custom post types and menus. Quite enough for the basic blog but does not support custom fields, widgets, plugins and ecommerce.

Multilingual CMS – $79 USD a year ($39 USD yearly renewal )
The full package of plugins and support for a year. Choose this option if you want the full suite of plugins with no restriction.

Multilingual CMS Lifetime – $195 USD One time payment
Perpetual license? Yes Please! Perfect for developers and multiple website owners. We personally have the Multilingual CMS Lifetime license and used on some projects.

All options does not restrict you on the number of sites you can install comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit WPML - The WordPress Multilingual Plugin for more information.