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Yoast transition words

Having trouble with adding Transition Words to your post?

What are Transition Words?

Transition Words or phrases are “connecting” words and phrases. They help to emphasize a point and establishes the relationship between ideas. Words like “because” or “also” are simple examples of Transition Words.

Readability Analysis in Yoast SEO

Yoast Transition Words

Yoast SEO plugin is certainly one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Not only does it provide you focus keyword analysis, its also provides readability analysis. Since I am a developer, writing good articles does not come naturally.

Luckily, Yoast helps in improving my writing by giving readability suggestions. Yoast uses a few metrics to judge content. One metric that seems especially hard to achieve, at least for me, is the Transition word metric.

Is readability important?

The post from Yoast Blog, “Does Readability Rank?“, concludes that “Posts that are nice and easy to read will definitely result in more returning visitors and a higher conversion rate”.

How does Transition Words apply in Yoast SEO?

Yoast recommends inclusion of transition words in at least 30% of the article. That’s about 1 in 3 sentences. That can be a challenge. Especially, if like me, your grammar of transition words consists primarily of “also” and “but“.

List of Transition Words for Yoast SEO

With reference to the Yoast source code and, we present you a list of easy to reference list below.

Addition Words

additionally also another
further furthermore moreover

Addition Phrases

another key point as a matter of fact as well as
at least by the same token coupled with
for example for instance in addition
in another case in detail in other words
not to mention such as to clarify
to say nothing of together with what’s more


Emphasis Words

altogether basically certainly
chiefly doubtedly emphatically
especially evidently explicitly
generally indeed obviously
markedly overall particularly
significantly specifically surely
surprisingly undeniably undoubtedly
unquestionably without a doubt without doubt
without reservation


Emphasis Phrases

by all means equally important for one thing
important to realize in particular in similar fashion
in the light of in the same fashion in the same way
most compelling evidence most important must be remembered
of course on the positive side point often overlooked
that is that is to say to be sure
to repeat to rephrase it with attention to
with this purpose in mind


Condition / Contrast / Compare Words

albeit although besides
but comparatively consequently
contrarily conversely despite
equally however identically
instead nevertheless nor
notwithstanding otherwise rather
regardless similarly still
though unless unlike
whereas while


Condition / Contrast / Comparison Phrases

analogous to although this may be true analogous to
as much as balanced against by comparison
compared to be that as it may different from
even more even so even though
in contrast in either case in that case
in this situation in view of inasmuch as
on condition that on one hand on the contrary
on the negative side on the other hand provided that
seeing that take the case of to put it another way
to put it differently up against vis a vis
while it may be true while this may be true


Illustration Words

accordingly correspondingly e.g.


Illustration Phrases

as an illustration at length in like fashion
in like manner to demonstrate to emphasize
to enumerate to explain to illustrate
to list to point out


Cause and Effect Words

because hence since
so than therefore
thereupon thus


Cause and Effect Phrases

above all after all as a result
being that due to even if
for fear that given these points given that
in case in light of in order that
in effect in order to in spite of
in the event that in the hope that in this case
on account of on the condition that only if
owing to so as to so long as
so that then again under those circumstances
with the result that with this in mind with this intention


Time and Sequence Words

afterward afterwards before
concurrently during earlier
eventually finally firstly
following formerly forthwith
fourthly henceforth last
lastly later meanwhile
occasionally presently previously
secondly shortly simultaneously
soon straightaway subsequently
then thereafter thirdly
till until when


Time and Sequence Phrases

after that all of a sudden as long as
as soon as at first at last
at the present time at the same time at this instant
at this point at this time by the time
first thing to remember from time to time in due time
in the final analysis in the first place in the fourth place
in the long run in the meantime in the second place
in the third place in time now that
on this occasion once once in a while
prior to so far sooner or later
this time to begin with until now
up to the present time without delay


Summary Phrases

all in all all things considered all things considered
as can be seen as has been noted as I have said
as I have noted as I have shown as shown above
at any rate by and large for that reason
for the most part for the purpose of for the same reason
for this purpose for this reason in a word
in any case in any event in brief
in conclusion in essence in fact
in general in reality in short
in sum in summary in truth
on balance on the whole summing up
to conclude to sum up to summarize
to that end to the end that to this end


Two Part Transition Words

Not only does Yoast recognize Words and Phrases, but also phrases that consists of two parts. For example:

Both…. and…

If… then….

Not only … but also…

… neither… nor…

…either … or …

…not… but …

whether …. or …

no sooner … than ….


We hope that this guide will help you in improving your post. Thank you for reading! Also, if you find this guide useful for beginners to learn WordPress, please consider sharing our article!

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